Driven by the belief that passion and hard work can accomplish anything, we created the ultimate training environment.

Working with some of the top players in the game, we realized there are THREE essential factors in the development of an elite athlete.

ONE. Developing each player individually

An elite athlete must take every aspect of their training into consideration. Our player management team will cover every area of the player’s training by creating an innovative, personal program specific to their needs.

TWO. Creating a team around the player

In the modern game, a single coach is not enough to compete at the highest levels. At ProWorld, every athlete will be followed by a team of professionals who will supervise every aspect of their training. Our mission is for our players to not only become successful on the tennis court but, in life. And as their successes continue to unfold, the dedication of our team will follow, supporting them through every challenge and celebrating them with every victory. 

THREE. Training in a professional environment

The demands of an elite athlete are not shy away from perfection. This mindset has enabled us to set a different tone in our training sessions. A tone set by our athlete’s endless pursuit to greatness, and our team’s devotion in creating more competitive tennis players.

Creating the ultimate training environment.


At ProWorld Tennis Academy you will find the most professional training environment.

Find out why.


World renowned coaches will deliver professional instruction and drive our athletes to reach their maximum potential.


To reach full potential, athletes must train in an organized system that focuses on each individual personally. No two athletes are the same.


ProWorld Tennis Academy has a hand in creating champions. Imagine training next to a Grand Slam player? Our inspiring environment has made ProWorld one of the top training locations for professional tennis players during their on and off seasons.


The training atmosphere created by our inspiring team of coaches and hard working athletes from around the world is unmatchable.


ProWorld is committed in helping all students succeed in life. We believe that academics plays an integral part in a player’s development and therefore have partnered with University Sports Program (USP), one of the world leading college placement agencies.


World-class private facilities where athletes can train, eat and sleep. 18 hard and clay courts, gym with the latest equipment, a club house with all the amenities to provide our players with the highest level of training.


What better place to train than South Florida? With year long sunshine, beautiful beaches and Miami just around the corner. It’s no wonder Delray Beach is the tennis capital of the world and home to many of the top tennis pros.


The positive energy that exists in our campus provides a family feeling between all our athletes. We provide on and off campus activities like movie nights, trips to local beaches and amusement parks to name a few.

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