ProWorld Tennis Academy Elated with the Sonya (Sofia) Kenin Orange Bowl Win

Fans were thrilled with the first U.S. sweep with the wins of the 18s singles titles by two very talented Americans, Sofia Kenin for the girls, and Stefan Kozlov for the boys, in this year?s 2014 Metropolia Orange Bowl International Championship. A US victory such as this has not occurred since 2004.

Sonya (Sofia) Kenin has worked long and hard, even at her young age, to reach the level of success that she demonstrated during this tournament. Her name now ranks as victor amongst the best tennis players in the world. Her name now as the 2014, 18s singles winner tops the list of past winners such as Bjorn Borg, Chris Evert, Roger Federer, Mary Joe Fernandez and Gabriela Sabatini just to name a few.

Sonya started playing tennis at the age of five and has been taking her training at ProWorld for the last two years. Throughout the beginning she worked with Lorenzo Cava, Horacio Rearte and Antonio Torri. To fine tune and further her skills she has devoted her training regime in the last 6 months to working under the private instruction of Cyril Saulnier, who is the program director for ProWorld.

ProWorld is a very high caliber and well recognized Tennis Training Academy located in Delray Beach, Fl. It possesses a full roster of elite training from the base line level of fitness all the way up to meeting the needs of the aspiring professional. Any of the training programs offered here are approached with the mandate of encouraging each of its participants to recognize their capabilities and strive to reach their maximum potential. While at the same time, keeping the fun and enjoyment of the game in the forefront.

ProWorld takes great pride in the accomplishments of all of its participants, and is immensely proud of Sonya Kenin?s accomplishments to date, and has high expectations of her continuing success as she continues as a USA Tennis player representative. ProWorld has watched with great pride as Sonya has climb the ranks to reach #11 junior tennis player in the world. Her contribution as part of Team USA in the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics was impressive. These are just but a few of the many accomplishments that Sonya has behind her with a bright look to the future of adding many more.

ProWorld is very proud?to see athletes like?Sonya, that part of the ProWorld Team,?utilize their training along their path of success now and in the future.

-Article by Avalon Hicks

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